Plant & Equipment

Many Companies in the UK Continually face the on-going battle to fight spiralling costs during major shutdowns or maintenance projects. Plant and Equipment Hire is one part MF Hire have a proven track record in alleviating.

Why Use MFH Engineering Ltd

  • Fully equipped site cabins tailored to the clients requirements will be placed on their site during major works / shutdown or maintenance projects.
  • The cabins will be manned by suitably qualified, highly trained MF Hire personnel.
  • Equipment will be checked, serviced and recorded on site after every hire.
  • Client agreed contractors will be made to sign for equipment taken.
  • All paperwork will be kept on site for traceability.
  • Anything damaged or missing can be charged out to the contractor.
  • MF Hire have a vehicle running to site everyday with equipment that needs replenishing or needs replacing at no extra cost.
  • Peace of mind knowing that everything on site is being taken care of by MF Hire.
  • It will be like having your own equipment Hire Shop on site.

The Benefits

  • Peace of mind that all the equipment on site has been fully services and tested after every hire and not just at the start of the major works / shutdown or maintenance project.
  • No nagging doubts as to contractors equipment is tested, safe and up to date.
  • No need to keep off hiring and on hiring equipment saving you time and money.
  • You are able to call on more equipment from our depot if required at no extra cost (subject to terms).
  • At the end of your shutdown, anything that is missing can be traced. All paperwork is already on site with the individuals name who has signed out the equipment.
  • You make all contractors responsible for what they have taken out and make them responsible if they don't return.
  • You are able to control hire costs before your shutdown or projects with no hidden costs.
  • You will have only one invoice with one price.